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Busy, busy, busy

- April 20, 2010 - by , in Blog, Books, Hobbies, Interests, Life, Photography, RC Racing, with no comments -

It’s been a couple weeks since my last update, I’ve been busy and a bit lazy. I started the new job back on the 5th, so this is my 3rd week there. Everything is going great there. The people I work with are nice and fun to work with. The work is great too. I’ve already made some small improvements to some things on the site. Now I am working on tying together our lead generation system and a virtual call center. So far that project is progressing smoothly.

Outside of work I’ve been busy too. I finally ordered a new camera to replace the older Canon Digital Rebel XT I bought Jess about 4 years ago. The new camera is a nice new Canon 7D. I order a new lens with it as well, a Canon 70-200mm f/4 L USM. It’s a  good size telephoto zoom lens. It’s a good size lens, physically, and along with the new camera I feel like a real photographer now. I’m trying to sell the Digital Rebel XT (if anyone is interested let me know). Selling that should be able to cover the price of an acceptable macro lens to add into the collection. Both the camera and the lens are killer, and I think they’ll be prefect for the pics I want to get at the RC Track this year. With a few more lenses I think I’ll have a nice all around setup to take any kind of picture I want. Along with the macro lens I plan to buy a better general purpose lens, and a wide angle lens. I plan on uploading most, if not all, of the pics I take from now on. I’ll still upload the RC Race pics of course, but I want to try and take some other stuff this year. Maybe some landscapes or something.

Since I mentioned RC Racing, I’ll talk a bit more about that. The Spring season is coming up fast. we had scheduled a track clean up day for last Saturday, April 17th, but the rain and ruined that. This weekend, April 24th, and possibly 25th, is also supposed to be clean up now. The next weekend, May 1st, is the beginning of the Spring series. I’m excited and can’t wait to start racing again. I still need to finish rebuilding the E-Revo. Right now it is a chassis without any electronics, shocks, or wheels. The plan for now is to finish that up this week or next. That is still my favorite of the two trucks to run so I can’t let it sit much longer. I still plan on ordering some new batteries, most likely from They recently added their better warranty every order, for free. Now their LiPO packs are warrantied for 3 Years or 300 cycles, and their LiFE packs are 5 Years or 1000 cycles. Those are fantastic warranties for any battery. I’m not sure if I want to go with LiPOs again, or maybe try out the safer LiFE packs. I keep thinking maybe the LiFE might not have enough power, but who am I kidding? I am not a pro level racer, and the .05 seconds a LiPO might give me over the LiFE pack is not going to do much for me. The safety factor is nice, and the faster charge capability is nice too. Those might be bigger factors for me than whatever tiny amount of power difference there is.

Other than that, life is moving on as always. I have not finished any books lately. I am dragging with The Club Dumas. It’s not quite as exciting as I had hoped. I’m working to finish it though, so I can move onto the rest of my waiting list. I now have 11 books to read. I know of at least 1 more I have pre-ordered, it might be 2. I also read that the next book in my favored Temeraire series by Naomi Novik is coming out this summer. I’m sure I will move that to the front of the list if there still is a list by then. I also still have to order the remaining True Blood books.

On that note, whatever it was, I am off for dinner. Have fun and keep it between the ditches!


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