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So it’s been a long time since I have posted anything, almost a year in fact. I have been lazy, and with no racing in the winter I have not been doing much with photography. I could probably be taking plenty of pictures of other things, snow, fall foliage, anything really. Unfortunately I think my skills at taking photos of stationary objects are lacking, and I am getting frustrated with trying to fix that. Maybe once I start racing again I’ll get back into the groove and start working on other types of photography.

So what else has been going on?

Well the job is still going great. I’ve been at SNHU almost a full year now (April 5th to be exact). I’ve worked in some interesting projects there so far. The most interesting and challenging however is finally at a point where I get to join the party. Tha would be our redesign. Not to go into too much detail, but we’re finally into design stage, and I am really excited to see what our talented team of designers will be coming up with. Other things I have worked on up to now have been minor changes to how we handle applications, some new applications all together, and SEO. That last one has been something I was always interested in, and had a decent grasp of what to do, and how to do it. Ever since we started our SEO efforts a SNHU I have learned a lot more, but unfortunately there is a TON more to learn. It seems with SEO there is a never-ending stream of articles and new techniques to keep up on. I think I’ve reached a point with SEO that I know what I need to know as a developer for now (read: until the game changes again). I know how to do a lot both in general and from the backend of things. I don’t know how much my contributions to the SEO effort as a whole are pushing us ahead. We have others in the team working on the real SEO tasks of keywords in content and all that. Next up. Believe is back linking, which is also not really in the development side. I am happy to learn more and help more, but my focus now will end up on the redesign and various other projects.

Outside of work I have been going through my courses term by term. So far I am on my 4th term. I am slogging through the general education classes I did not get in my first college experience. I could rant forever on this, from several perspectives, but I won’t. I’ll just leave it by saying I am doing well in my courses, except math. Last term I ended with a very good GPA for the two courses I took, I am not entirely sure what the overall GPA is across my previous 3 terms.

For “fun” I have been working on a new site idea. It’s been dragging on as a result of my lack of direction and design skill. I also have had some trouble finding the right CMS for the job. Everyone would say Drupal, but I do not like it that much. I am working with one that appears to fit my needs better called Contao Open Source Content Management System

Beyond all that, I’m not sure what else to say. I hope someone reads this dribble. Ive been thinking about throwing in some articles, like reviews of the various CMSes I have tried out, book reviews, or whatever, but I never know what to write. I probably will write about the iPad 2 I picked up this weekend. I am actually writing this post on the iPad now. I could write about the device itself, and some of the apps I have been using for things around the house. Like the XBMC Command app. Use to control XBMC on m desktop to watch movies on the big screen.

In the next couple days I will try to post some of the few photos I took over the winter, and more about the iPad 2.

Have fun and keep it between the ditches.


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