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It’s been a while…

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Well I haven’t posted in almost a year, and a lot has been going on so I figured I’d start up again. First off the biggest new out there is that I bought a house and moved. This happened back in October after an epic mess of a purchasing process. The new house is great, I’ll write something in depth about it later this week I think. You may also have noticed the site looks a lot different. I finally got sick of the design that had been running for the past few years so I found something new. No I did not design or develop this on my own. I bought it from a designer/developer named Meydjer on Themeforest. I have some tweaking to do before it’s completed, such as a new logo and some better content for a real homepage, but I am working on it now so it shouldn’t be too long.

Other than those two things the rest of my life chugs along as usual. I still work at Southern New Hampshire University, I still drive the same Ford Fusion, and I still try very hard to make my girlfriend laugh and fail miserably at doing so. I started classes again recently at the U., and the one class I was excited about, Digital Photography, I just had to drop. I am very disappointed as I spent some time filling out a petition in order to make that class satisfy my fine arts requirement, only to find the instructor is not prepared to teach that class online. I am not going to bash SNHU or the person individually, but I’ll say a couple things here. If you’re teaching a course, be it online or in person, it might be useful to make sure you have updated your syllabus. One, leaving in the sample text given to you by your employer is a poor reflection of your commitment. Two, you may need to add in to that syllabus the second book you want students to have for the class, or any other information they may need to know. This exact situation caused me to miss a book I needed. I checked our bookstore for what books I needed for the term, and ordered them elsewhere as it is much cheaper. When I ordered the books three weeks ahead of the start, there was only one book listed, however sometime closer to the term start they updated the list to include a second book at the instructor’s request. That instructor however never updated the syllabus. You can imagine my confusion when I was asked to answer questions that were not a topic covered in the one book I had. That brings me to another point. Each week, the instructor should tell the students what they should be reading in their textbooks. If I had been told that at the beginning I may have realized I was missing a book much sooner, and with fewer emails to the instructor and less frustration overall. It might also help to tell students the correct places in the book they need to be looking when they ask for help, or maybe even knowing the textbook you required for the course would be nice. Telling a student that they need to read Chapter 11. Photographing People, when the book does not have anything labeled as a chapter, instead using “section” (of which there were only 4) is yet another poor reflection on your commitment and attention to the course. Unfortunately I felt I had to drop the course. I had another course which I needed to also focus on, plus life and work, and I cannot afford to play email games each week to figure out what the hell the instructor really needs us to do. For now I’ll wait until I see there is a new instructor for the course.

The last thing going on is that I will be starting Transcendental Meditation at the end of the week. For anyone who has no clue what I just said, the Transcental Meditation Progam site explains it. To put it simply, it’s a meditation technique, I know big surprise there. Anyone who knows me, and let’s face it only people that know me even read this, knows I am just a little tense most of the time. I’ve been looking for ways to relax, that don’t involve illegal substances, and I heard about TM. Many people might laugh, but I heard about it on the Howard Stern show. He talks about it a lot, and how it helps him. In general I do not believe Howard to be a liar, he usually tells it like it is, and if you don’t like what he has to say, so be it. I’ll post how it works out for me and whether or not I levitate while meditating ;)

That’s it for now, so I am off to bed or something. Keep an eye out on the blog if you like to stay in tune with the inner workings of a nutcase. I’ll also be fixing the gallery soon and adding some new photos (just as soon as I take some).


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